Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

1. Stop shopping at supermarkets.
Ideally I would like to stop giving my money to all big companies, in particular the ones that make huge profits at the expense of so many others but I am not sure how to go about this yet. For now this is something I can do. Here are some of the reasons why:

· I do not want to give money to companies that fly in produce from all over the world at the cost of the environment so that I can eat whatever I want at any time of year.

· I no longer want add to the demand for cheaply produced food that undercuts small local businesses.

· I do not want to encourage production methods that prioritise appearance, speed and yield over taste.

· I do not want to shop in places that take excessively from the seas without regard to the irreversible damage that is being done to the fish stocks and the seabed.

· I do not want to encourage the mass production of meat, eggs and dairy that is necessary to keep every possible type of animal product on the supermarket shelves everyday. I think that the way animals are treated to create this endless supply of flesh for us to eat is appalling. Battery farms are one of the most horrendous inventions of the human race and I never want to give another penny to this industry.

· I do want to buy products that come in excessive packaging using up the earth’s energy unnecessarily and creating needless waste.

· I want to give my money to small businesses, I want to support the local community, I want to pay a price that gives the growers a decent wage and above all I want to buy varied and tasty food.

2. Stop picking my spots.
I’m 30 now, I really should have grown out of this habit! I know that this might seem a small thing but I think that this will be my most difficult resolution!

3. Exercise at home twice a week.
Well, it’s free and it’s good for me!

4. Stop putting salt on my dinner.
I do this far too much, it’s bad for me and it prevents me from appreciating other flavours fully.

5. Have fun!
I make this resolution every year. It is the most important. It may seem easy but it is so easy to forget to have fun. I believe that if you give yourself time and space and do the things you enjoy you will be a happier person and in doing so you can make the people around you happier. And if not then at very least I will have a good time!


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